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Euclid kids at Willow Pool - Photo by Jennifer Bretz

All kids love to go swimming on a hot summer day.  In this article, you will learn about all of the pools in Euclid.  I visited all the Euclid City pools in order to write this review.  The City of Euclid boasts of five pools: one very large pool near downtown Euclid and four smaller neighborhood pools.

Memorial Pool, by far the largest, has five Red Cross trained lifeguards.  The smaller pools have at least three Red Cross trained lifeguards on duty ready to pull you out of the water, if need be. However, these amazing lifeguards need a break sometimes, so there is a fifteen-minute rest period on the hour.

All pools supply plenty of Adirondack-like chairs and lounge chairs as well as humongous umbrellas - enough to shade more than one family.

For a full list of hours of operation and other information from the City of Euclid Parks and Recreation Department, visit , or call them at 289-2700 ext. 3955.
Memorial Pool:  The first thing you see as you approach Memorial Pool is the enormous blue slide. It seems (from a kid’s viewpoint anyhow) to stretch all the way up to the blue sky above.  It is about 90 feet long.  The ride is tremendous but you have to be 45 inches tall in order to ride it. The pool has many lifeguards, providing you with the pleasure of knowing that you will not drown. It is 10 feet deep. Even though the pool is deep, there is an awesome kid’s pool right behind the water slide. It is about two feet deep, with a huge interactive playground right in the middle of the pool. My siblings and I have a blast whenever we go (which is quite often!). Of course, what we love best about Memorial Pool is that it has a Snack Shack! It holds lots of tasty treats, like chips, ice cream, candy, pop, pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, and more!

Willow Pool: Willow Pool is small, but great. At Willow Pool, there is big green “water mushroom." The “mushroom” sprays water out of the top and the water falls into the pool below. My little four year old sister calls it the “Mushroom Pool!” The pool’s shallow end is so cool because it begins like the shore of a beach (safe for infants) and gradually increases to four and a half feet deep.

Glenbrook Pool: The entrance (for a car) to get into Glenbrook Pool is really off of Chardon Road and so was a little tricky to find from Glenbrook Road. It has two red archways that drop water from the top which falls into the pool. It is four feet deep - perfect for the whole family.
Indian Hills Pool:  Indian Hills Pool is tucked away - up in the Euclid Heights! It is four feet deep and features a full basketball court in it!  Enough said!!!

Roosevelt Pool:  Roosevelt Pool is very nice, just like the life guards. One of the three life guards even gave me a short tour during a fifteen-minute rest period. The pool has a mushroom, just like Willow Pool. It also has a fun mechanism that fills four buckets with water and dumps them out onto the eager swimmers waiting below. There is obviously no diving, because the deepest part of the pool is only three and a half feet deep!  It starts out like a beach shoreline and increases gradually just like Willow Pool. This pool is perfect for families with very small children.
Many thanks to Ms. Kathy Will and Mr. Robert Lanigan for assisting me with this article.
Well, now you know about all the pools in Euclid. Now go try one out. I’ll betcha’ five bucks that you’ll like it!

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Volume 1, Issue 5, Posted 8:30 AM, 09.11.2010