Congratulations to the "Dean of the Euclid School Board," Kay VanHo, on her impressive reelection to the Euclid School Board.

Congratulations to the "Dean of the Euclid School Board," Kay VanHo, on her impressive reelection to the Euclid School Board.    VanHo was elected to her seventh term on Tuesday, coming in first place in a four-way race, handily defeating her next opponent by over 2000 votes.  A former educator, VanHo will become the longest-serving school board member in Euclid history when she is sworn in for her new term in January.  She is also currently the longest-serving elected official in Euclid, having first been elected in 1987, and one of the longest-serving school board members currently serving in the state of Ohio.  She is also the wife of Greg VanHo, who was reelected to another term on Euclid City Council, where he represents Ward Eight.   In her seventh term, VanHo is looking forward to the opening of Euclid's four new elementary schools.  She is also planning to continue lobbying the Ohio legislature to improve Ohio's school funding formula, which has been declared to be unconstitutional on multiple occasions.    In addition to their victories on Election Day, Kay and Greg VanHo, who have been married for 41 years, are anticipating another major milestone this month: their son, Akron attorney Adam VanHo (EHS '94), and his wife, Tina Merlitti, are expecting the VanHo's first grandchild: Michael Anthony VanHo.  The VanHos are also the parents of Tara VanHo (EHS '96), an international human rights attorney and PhD student currently living in England; and Valerie VanHo (EHS '99), a Luitenant in the United States Navy currently assigned to the U.S.S. Laboon in Norfolk, Virginia.



Editors note by Liz Copic - As a childhood best friend of Val, I've been close with the VanHo family since elementary school, and am as proud as Adam is to wish Mama Kay a big congratulations on her re-election. Without the VanHo family I wouldn't have joined Rainbows where I made lifelong friends & learned to help the community, I wouldn't have joined Flag Corps where I learned to work as a team & later to lead a team, and I wouldn't have gotten to see first hand how being involved in your city hall and school board can improve not only the lives of your children, but of all of your neighbors. Much love to the whole family, your new grandson, and Happy Belated Birthday to Tara

Adam VanHo


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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 1:37 PM, 02.02.2012