The State of Euclid's Park

Tonight I walked around the track in Euclid Park and was happy to see the construction fence was down.  Before it is too late, some minor improvements must be made. First of all, the half that is about to be seeded should have a sprinkler system installed to keep the park looking like a first class park.  Many years ago, Euclid Park was listed in the Parade Magazine as one of the five top floral parks on the great lakes.  Not any more.   

Euclid Park hosts more people than any other area of Euclid besides the hospital.  People come to weddings and other events at the Senior Community Center from all over greater Cleveland and all over the country.  We have seniors who have lunch there daily and the trees and weeds are starting to block the view of the lake.  This is actually the front door or rather the back patio of Euclid.

The contractor recently placed loads of large rocks on the top of the outfall.  Nothing was put under the rocks to prevent weeds from growing up and making the area look like the disaster that is now the bank of that formerly beautiful park.  The roadway to the beach and the access path has been covered and getting to the beach will be extremely difficulty.  The beach is now covered with huge tree trunks and nearly impassable.  One of the huge boulders that border the outfall is tettering and will fall into the outfall channel soon.  We fear a teenager or child will decide to move it to see it fall. Bob DiMinico had the large grassy slope removed and put huge rocks at the base of the slope.  Weeds, trees and brush have replaced the grassy slope and we now have an overgrown, ugly bank that is an embarassment to our City. A neighbor on E. 224 has complained for years that the rose thistle weeds are spreading throughout our neighborhood.  There are large holes where poles and trees have been removed and people have fallen or tripped in them.

We see the bridal parties trying to take pictures, but the weeds are in the way of beautiful wedding pictures.  Let's bring back some class to our City.  The Mayor promised that the bank would be taken care of with the completion of the construction and the park restored to a beautiful park once again. He told us that there was money available to do it right.  It looks, however, like the new rocks will add to the weeds and ugliness that the bank now has.  Does anyone on Council or the Administration care about this community jewel at all?  The opportunity to correct this is here now, let's do it right.  

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Volume 6, Issue 9, Posted 6:16 PM, 09.08.2015