Power In Numbers

I am a lifelong resident of the city of Euclid. In my decades here, I have, like many of you, watched the city go from an idyllic inner-ring suburb to a community searching for its soul. Mayors and council members have come and gone, but the slide has proceeded nearly unabated. Yes, there are things to celebrate such as the renovation of downtown Euclid and other beautification projects. However, residents are still fleeing to the east for an assortment of reasons, not the least of which is hope for a better tomorrow. Well, not all of us want to abandon our hometown, or the community we’ve joined in order to move up in life. That is why I am putting ink on the sheets; I want to be a part of the solution and I want you to join me.

This is the first article I have ever written, but I hope it will not be my last. Will my time be spent for naught, or will my desire for unity and improvement be heard and embraced? I have no way of knowing, but I am certain I cannot sit idly by. I know many of you out there feel the same, but may not know what you can do. This article is for you.

In the 2009 General Election, just under 13,000 people voted for the bond issue, close to 12,000 people voted on the charter amendments, and just over 9,000 people voted for council president. The number of registered voters, according to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, was 35,570 (figures per BOE web site). That means approximately 36 percent of eligible voters chose to exercise their right and have their voice heard in the most engaged area. That number drops off to only 25 percent for council president. Why is that? Why are so few people interested in the politics of the city in which they reside?

I won’t pretend to have the answers, but I do hope to find out before our next election, and I am optimistic you will help me. We need to come together and get things done. Everyone who is ready, willing and able to be active, this is your call. I suffer from no delusions that people are going to start suddenly going to council or school board meetings, or that the gatherings of neighborhood associations will overflow with new members. That said, this is the beginning of my effort to make strides in those directions.

My goals are simple: engage the community in active dialogue about the ups and downs thereof, bring awareness and new participants to the various tables offering paths to betterment for the city, and generally improve the quality of life for all residents. With a bit of effort, and a dash of luck, we can do just that by bringing residents together and coordinating our power. Therefore, I ask two simple things of everyone reading this:

  • Pass this article along to everyone you know, whether physically or digitally (http://euclidobserver.com).
  • Email me at HotDogsAndPeanuts@hushmail.com with whatever is on your mind related to Euclid. Be it praise, a complaint, a suggestion, or a story, I want to hear it so I can see where the collective consciousness of our city currently rests. It is from this we can prioritize and plan, so don’t be shy.
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Volume 1, Issue 8, Posted 3:24 PM, 11.28.2010